Trail maintenance at Jenny Creek

January 10, 2017 by

As anyone living in Colorado recently knows,  pine beetle killed trees has resulted in a great many more dead trees in our Rocky Mountain forests. Combine that with the high wind storms we’ve been getting lately, and you are likely to encounter some deadfall across hiking trails.

The Jenny Creek trail is one of the most popular trails in the Eldora area, all year round. But particularly in winter, deadfall across the trail is a real inconvenience for skiers and snowshoers. Additionally, Jenny Creek is used to access the Guinn Mountain trail that goes up to the Årestua hut.

There are some mighty dedicated volunteers who help maintain this hut, and that dedication goes beyond the hut and even into helping keep the trails clear up to it, clearing deadfall every year. This was the case on this past Sunday, January 8, when Doug Young and Steve Priem took it upon themselves to cut three trees and several protruding branches on the Jenny Creek portion.

This required carrying in a chain saw, as the larger trees would have been difficult with just a hand saw. This is not a task recommended except for those with adequate experience and  equipment, and I was asked to include this safety warning:

Chainsaw work in cold snowy conditions is among the most dangerous and is to be avoided when possible. Footing can be slippery, and snow can hide buried obstacles. Be prepared to be crotch deep in snow for extended periods of time and to get very cold. Bring thin ski gloves, plus warm winter gloves, as well as leather work gloves. “While working with a chainsaw during the winter, as always, wear protective apparel, such as chaps, hearing protection and gloves. In the winter, wood is even more likely to splinter, so use of a helmet and eye protection remains critical.”

More safety information can be found at

The following photographs illustrate the work that was done; photo credits to Doug Young, taking pictures of Steve Priem:


The tree creating a problem by leaning over the trail


Clearing the top of the tree from the trail


The tree has been dropped, cut into three pieces by undercutting it three times to fall from a tree it was snagged on


Clearing the loose ends on the edge of the trail



Clubroom Hosting can be fun!

January 10, 2017 by

The Clubroom is “hosted” on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 -7pm. What this means is that a CMC volunteer goes to the Clubroom during that time and attends to routine maintenance tasks. These light duties consist of checking for voice mail, checking for email, and checking the postal mail, and responding appropriately, while logging this in the Host Notebook. Some light cleaning can be involved, such as vacuuming or taking out the trash. Besides earning good karma, you will gradually come to learn more about the Boulder CMC, and perhaps make some new friends. There is a Hosting Calendar on the Boulder website, and as you can see, the same few people have been doing this for some time. It would great to get some more hosts trained, and see some new faces  helping with this enjoyable service. To respond, please email or call the Clubroom at (303) 554-7688.

Buddy, can you spare a PC?

January 10, 2017 by

The desktop PC in the Clubroom is starting to fail, after having provided worthy service for over ten years. We do have a laptop (donated a couple of years ago by Jim Leffingwell) that we can use in a pinch, but it would be better if we could replace this old desktop unit with a newer, used one. If anyone has an old PC, preferably running Windows, that they would like to donate to the Clubroom, please contact: or call the Clubroom at (303) 554-7688.

Boulder Group Overview, January 12

January 10, 2017 by

The first Boulder Group Overview meeting (previously called “Open House” meetings) of 2017 will be Thursday, January 12th, 7-8:30pm in the Clubroom. Led by trip leader Bryan Costanza, this is a great opportunity for new or prospective CMC members to find out what the Club is all about, and how to explore your interests further.

The “Open House” name was changed because it was misleading in suggesting people could arrive at any time, which is not the case.

Checking your BMS courses

December 15, 2016 by

If you have taken any classes with the Boulder Mountain Schools, you may want to check your record of them on the state website. This is the official record of the classes you’ve taken through the CMC, and since some courses can be prerequisites for other courses, it is therefore necessary for this record to be accurate.

However, due to various changes in the development and maintenance of the state website over the past few years, the processes by which these data are maintained may not be up to date. Though I’m sure school directors try to report the record of each class accurately, there has not been a well established standard by which these data are recorded, and so mistakes are certainly possible.

The best way to check the data is by the members themselves. So, if you have taken any BMS classes in the past, and are interested in checking them for accuracy, you can do so on the state website,, by logging in, then clicking Members > My Membership > My Schools.  If you see any mistakes, you should email, or call the state office at 303-279-3080.

If you need to contact any of the BMS school directors, you can locate the appropriate person and their email on the Contact Us page on the Boulder website.