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Trail maintenance at Jenny Creek

January 10, 2017

As anyone living in Colorado recently knows,  pine beetle killed trees has resulted in a great many more dead trees in our Rocky Mountain forests. Combine that with the high wind storms we’ve been getting lately, and you are likely to encounter some deadfall across hiking trails.

The Jenny Creek trail is one of the most popular trails in the Eldora area, all year round. But particularly in winter, deadfall across the trail is a real inconvenience for skiers and snowshoers. Additionally, Jenny Creek is used to access the Guinn Mountain trail that goes up to the Årestua hut.

There are some mighty dedicated volunteers who help maintain this hut, and that dedication goes beyond the hut and even into helping keep the trails clear up to it, clearing deadfall every year. This was the case on this past Sunday, January 8, when Doug Young and Steve Priem took it upon themselves to cut three trees and several protruding branches on the Jenny Creek portion.

This required carrying in a chain saw, as the larger trees would have been difficult with just a hand saw. This is not a task recommended except for those with adequate experience and  equipment, and I was asked to include this safety warning:

Chainsaw work in cold snowy conditions is among the most dangerous and is to be avoided when possible. Footing can be slippery, and snow can hide buried obstacles. Be prepared to be crotch deep in snow for extended periods of time and to get very cold. Bring thin ski gloves, plus warm winter gloves, as well as leather work gloves. “While working with a chainsaw during the winter, as always, wear protective apparel, such as chaps, hearing protection and gloves. In the winter, wood is even more likely to splinter, so use of a helmet and eye protection remains critical.”

More safety information can be found at

The following photographs illustrate the work that was done; photo credits to Doug Young, taking pictures of Steve Priem:


The tree creating a problem by leaning over the trail


Clearing the top of the tree from the trail


The tree has been dropped, cut into three pieces by undercutting it three times to fall from a tree it was snagged on


Clearing the loose ends on the edge of the trail



2014 Spring/Summer Boulder Mountaineering School

January 4, 2014

Boulder Mountaineering Schools (BMS) is a great opportunity, for volunteers and students alike, to fine tune skills, learn something new, and give back to the community. Let the 2014 sessions begin!

Sign up day is Tuesday, February 25th starting at 8am. I encourage prospective students to enroll as close to the time as possible as many classes are full by the end of the day!

To sign up for the courses, login to Click on Class Schedule. Click on Adult Education Members. Click on the course that you would like to sign up for and fill in the required fields. Note that the Authorization Code will be removed on Tuesday, 2/26, at 8am to allow the sign-ups to start. Click on rock lead school application .

    Classes and Dates

Hiking and Survival Essentials
3/4-Lecture 1
3/11-Lecture 2
3/18-Lecture 3
3/20-Lecture 4
3/22 or 3/23-Field Trip

Hiking Navigation
3/25-Lecture 1
4/1-Lecture 2
4/3-Lecture 3
4/5 or 4/6-Field Trip

Hiking Route and Trip Planning
4/12-Field Trip

Basic Rock School
4/15-Lecture 1
4/22-Lecture 2 (Knot Night)
4/26 or 4/27-Field Trip 1
5/3 or 5/4-Field Trip 2
5/10 or 5/11-Field Trip 3

Basic Snow-TBD

Intermediate Snow-TBD

Rock Leading School
6/14-Field Trip 1
6/21-Field Trip 2
6/28-Field Trip 3

Backpacking School
7/11-7/13-Field Trip 1

Top Roping Clinic-TBD

Sport Leading Clinic
8/2-Field Trip

The course schedule may be found online at This site is being updated, so be sure to check the dates with the school director, or refer to the dates in this article.

    Volunteer to Teach: Snow Schools or Top Rope Clinic

The spring/summer session of the Boulder Mountaineering School is looking for instruc­tors to help teach Snow Schools and Top Roping Clinic. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact school directors at or

Instructors and current volunteers, your time and efforts are much appreciated! Are you thinking about volunteering? For more information or to volunteer, contact the school directors directly:
Hiking Schools: Bob Matthias,; Basic Rock School: Rick Casey,; Snow Schools: Jim Leffingwell,; BMS Co-Chair for Rock Leading School,; Chris Klotz for Top Roping Clinic,; Ron Olsen for Sport Leading Clinic,

2015 Year of the Mountaineer – RMNP Centennial Celebration

November 9, 2013

We are excited to share with you CMC’s Plans for the 2015 Year of the Mountaineer statewide program. We are looking for experienced, engaged tip leaders to get involved with the Rocky Mountain National Park centennial celebration, beginning September 4, 2014 through September 4, 2015.

If you are interested in learning more click on RMNP Centennial Celebration

CMC members played a significant role in 1915 in the designation of RMNP as a national Park. The Department of Agriculture would not provide a map to Congress of the area to be designated without having named speaks on the map. CMC members drove to the Arapahoe Indian reservation in Wyoming and returned with the initial peaks named by the Arapahoe natives. Because of CMC’s unique involvement 100 years ago, we want to support RMNP’s Centennial!

There will be two separate programs as part of this effort:
1. RMNP Centennial Celebration Activities (Peak Bagging Top 100s in the Park, covering 100 miles of trails, wildflower hikes, etc!)
2. Climbing Six of the Seven Summits: Denali, Mt. Everest, Mt. Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kosciuszko, and Aconcagua.

This information was harvested from a letter sent November 1st, 2013 from the CMC RMNP Centennial Committee. Information included here is subject to change and is being sent merely to get the word out. We hope the Boulder Group Trip Leaders will enjoy being part of this program!

For more information, or questions about the program, please contact Sherry Richardson or Linda Lawson through the state CMC office.