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A Navigation Basic for Beginners – Flat Spots

June 27, 2013

By Robert O’Rourke

Most of the hiking we do in Colorado is on clearly distinguished trails. No matter how bad the weather gets, we can follow the trail even in zero visibility.

However, there are some places where the terrain flattens and the trail becomes indistinct. These locations can be potentially dangerous in bad weather when we can’t see our distant goal. A good first lesson in navigation is to pay attention to these flat locations and watch the weather more carefully when the trail is not distinct between you and your destination.

Centennial Celebration Trip Report – Ellingwood Ridge of La Plata

August 3, 2012

CMC Climbers on La Plata Summit - Ellingwood Ridge Success!
Rick, Clare, Doug, Wesley, Tilden, and Slava
Climbers on the Summit of La Plata (14,336 ft)
CMC Centennial Celebration Climb of Ellingwood Ridge of La Plata

As the Compass Newsletter Editor, I have done my best to highlight other’s achievements and provide their intellectually stimulating material for the readership. I purposely avoided the limelight thus far, as this periodical should not be my personal platform.
Pretty Wildflowers Near North Fork Lake Creek Wildflower on Ellingwood Ridge Ellingwood Ridge Wildflowers Pretty Plants on Ellingwood Ridge
However, I can’t possibly release this month’s Compass without submitting a trip report for a recent CMC Centennial Celebration experience I had as Trip Leader. Our success on the Ellingwood Ridge of La Plata was a direct manifestation of a united committment to bag the summit in a safe and mutually inclusive mode.

I was impressed how our talents came together at the critical moments along the ridge. Throughout the day, at various times, we were each challenged and tested by the sustained and unrelenting ridge. We overcame hiking in the dark, treacherous choss, surprise cliffs, menacing gendarmes, graupel, thunder, lightning, rain, dehydration, altitude headaches, blisters, a nasty gash in a calf muscle, and some very whacky conversations!

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Following is my trip report, with Pictures in Chronological Order: