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Conservation Committee News

February 3, 2013

Conservation Grants in 2013

April 1 is the deadline to submit proposals to receive a CMC Conservation Grant. These grants support trail and ecological restoration projects on public land in areas used by the CMC Boulder Group. Agencies and groups other than CMC may apply for grants, but participation of CMC members in the projects is highly encouraged. To learn more about the grant program and to download an application, please visit

Since its founding in 1912, the Colorado Mountain Club has been an unwavering advocate for the protection of Colorado’s wild, remote, and quiet places. The CMC was instrumental in landmark achievements such as the designation of Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, and the passage of the Wilderness Act. Today, the CMC continues this tradition by working with land management agencies, partner orga­nizations and coalitions.

The total available for grants varies each year depending on the Bob Farley Memorial Fund and conservation funds collected through membership fees, but grants range between several hundred to several thousand dollars. Visit the web site to see details about past grant recipients.

Join the Conservation Committee

Dave Sutherland has accepted the chair of the conservation committee in 2013 and is seeking active members. The committee will review applications for CMC Conservation Grants in April and make recommendations to the council on which projects to fund. Committee members will help keep the club abreast of important efforts and news about conservation on the lands we love so much, and may help formulate club responses on local conservation issues.

For more information, or to throw your name in the ring, please email Dave at

CMC Boulder Group Council Chair’s Report

April 29, 2012

Roger Drake, Boulder Council Chair
While this winter was short on snow, we’re certainly having a lovely spring. I hope that all of you have been able to take advantage of it and enjoy the outdoors.

As chair, my biggest overall goal for this year is increasing our membership – attracting new members and retaining our current members. As our membership grows, so do the number of trip leaders and consequently the number and variety of outings and other events we can offer.

Fortunately, there are actions we can all take to promote the CMC as a whole and the Boulder Group in particular. I’ve been putting together a list of things each of us can do which don’t cost anything.  I hope you’ll find ideas which you like, below, and/or will come up with your own ideas. (more…)

CMC Boulder Group Council Chair’s Report

January 28, 2012

Roger Drake, Ice Climbing

I’m happy to be able to report that our move into our new clubroom was successfully completed in December and was properly celebrated with our annual holiday party. The clubroom really looks great and is announced to the public with our new lighted exterior sign which proclaims, “Here we are, world!” The clubroom is the culmination of a lot of planning and hard work by many people over the past year.

I’m very grateful to everyone who put in their time and energy to make it a reality. The results are truly gratifying – I feel happy every time I go inside. We have managed to create an attractive space which makes efficient use of a much smaller floor plan to meet our teaching, office space, and gear storage needs. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to stop by!

In terms of the organization as a whole, I believe we’re in a very good position going into this coming year. As far as the Boulder Group Council goes, we have all of our standing committee positions filled with energetic leaders which will help us to achieve our goals. One key focus for the coming year is going to be on maintaining and growing our membership. This means attracting new members and especially retaining our current members by offering them opportunities that make them want to stay involved. Outings are a key part of this, so I would encourage all of our trip leaders to work with our Outings Committee to get trips on the books. I want to express my appreciation to all of our trip leaders and instructors for your time, energy, and expertise. Thank you!

On a personal note, I snowshoed in to the Brainard Lake cabin each of the last two weekends for a day. It was the first time I had been to the cabin – what a blast. It was quite something to see how many folks stop by to enjoy the fire and a cup of hot cocoa while eating their lunch, not to mention those who’ve stayed overnight. My second time, I took along a book and just sat peacefully by the fire reading and eating lunch while the wind howled outside. I felt very proud of our group that we provide this service to the community and thankful to the cabin hosts who made a warm, welcoming environment.

I hope that all of you are able to get out and enjoy the wilderness in this special place that we are fortunate to call home.

Respectfully Yours,

Roger Drake
Boulder Group CMC Council Chair