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Handymen needed!

May 12, 2017

With the upcoming closing of the Boulder Clubroom, the club gear that is used to teach our classes will need a new storage site. The club has rented a larger storage unit at AAA Storage in Boulder (Pearl and 49th Street), but it needs some customization.

2017-05-09 13.18.44

Gary Johnston and Dan Joder helping at the new storage site

As you can see by the picture here, it is basically a big empty steel box! We are going to need some help with building more shelving, and reusing what we can from the old gear room in the Clubroom. Also, we need to put some weatherstripping around the steel door to keep out dust.

There’s no strict deadline, but it must be completed by end of June, hopefully before.

If you have these skills and would like to help, please send email to Gary at Thanks!

The Last Roundup: the closing of the Boulder Clubroom

April 28, 2017

The author on Arapaho Peak, 6/18/16


If  you would like to help with this final move of the Clubroom, and get free access to the grand finale party, please see the schedule that appears below the following story…

The Boulder Council has, regrettably, decided that it will need to shutter its beloved Clubroom by the end of June 2017, due to circumstances beyond its control.  This has been a long process, as anyone who has been reading the Compass newsletter about this topic for the past year and a half will know.  (For anyone interested, see these past stories on January 26, 2016 and February 3, 2016, about when we moved to the current location.)

What is clear is that the Boulder Group — which has been the only CMC group to have its own dedicated clubroom all these years, starting back in the late 1990’s — simply cannot continue to support the expense and uncertainty of maintaining the Clubroom in Boulder’s real estate market. The Boulder CMC is not the only non-profit having to relocate or close its offices because of the high cost of real estate in Boulder, so this comes as no real surprise. Consequently, the Council has been working hard to develop the means to keep the Group running without a dedicated clubroom space.

The decision to eventually move from the current location has been discussed by the Council ever since the last stressful and unexpected move, because of two factors: (1) the uncertainty of our lease status, and (2) the cost of maintaining a mostly unused space. The first reason is due to the fact we know that the property management company, W.W. Reynolds, only needs to give us a month’s notice if they find a retail client to rent the current Clubroom space (which would pay several times our below-market rate, which we were lucky enough to negotiate, with the help of Scott Robson, our executive director). We were offered and have been able to keep the current space this long, we’re convinced, largely due to the undesirability of the location as a retail space, with only two windows in a small, unnoticed corner of the Table Mesa shopping center. Not to mention the booming noises that continually occur from the roof as pedestrians walk along the overhead terrace! Well, we CMCer’s never minded that…

Secondly, we are spending a large amount of our income to keep the Clubroom open: nearly 30 percent of our projected 2017 budget is dedicated to rent. Based on some crude calculations I made in the course of our discussions about the actual time we use the Clubroom, it implied the Group is renting the Clubroom at the rate of around $200 per hour! The Council has agreed this is just not sustainable.

So, in light of all this, there will be an organized and coordinated effort to manage all the various tasks that will go into this significant effort of shutting down the Clubroom, moving our classes equipment into storage, and disposing of all the furniture, books and other assets. You are encouraged to volunteer to be part of this historic event.

The dates in the following schedule are tentative and subject to change. Please see our Facebook page or check our website ( for the latest news as the dates approach. If you would like to volunteer to help with anything, please email Gary Johnston at

As far as how the Boulder Group will manage future meetings and classes, that is under development. We will be holding our May Council meeting on Monday, May 8th, 7pm at Lucky’s Market community room as a first trial in a free space. This is open to the public for anyone wishing to attend, and will be attended by Scott Robson, CMC’s executive director. At this point, the only thing for certain is that we have leased a larger offsite storage facility for storing all the Club gear at AAA Storage at 47th & Pearl; see these Facebook photos.

The Moveout Schedule and June Parties

All dates are this year, 2017:

mid-May Rick gets larger storage unit leased at AAA Storage, begins working with handyman volunteers to build internal shelving, making use of existing material in current gear room.

Tuesday, May 30: Scott Robson deadline for 30 day move out notice to landlord

Saturday, June 3: Nelson last field trip for Spring BMS (Wilderness Route and Trip Planning)

Saturday, June 3: Organize items for Sale, separate out Trash/Recycle/Reuse/Donate/Hazardous. Remove wall anchors

Saturday, June 10: Member Memories Party! Boulder CMC members invited to share stories of the Clubroom. Sale of books, photos and furniture. Open to CMC members. Pictures of furniture will be on website; notifications will posted at Facebook.

Sunday, June 11: Sale open to public, items free to CMC members at a set time (2PM?). Start filling up dumpster & recycle with items not suitable for sale/donation/reuse/recycle

Monday, June 12: Take unsold items to eco-cycle/charm/boulder hazardous waste as appropriate

Saturday, June 17: Move all but items needed for Backpacking Class and Party to Storage or give away as Donations

Sunday, June 18: Complete anything not handled above

Saturday, June 24, 2017 Grand Finale Party!  Free for volunteers (movers, hosts, council, instructors, school directors, active and new trip leaders), suggested donation for others. Clubroom Key Collecting ceremony (bring your key if you have one; we know who you are!)

Sunday, June 25: Party clean up, sign removal, and final move out except for Backpacking Class items. Put fridge up for sale on craigslist cheap.

Tuesday, June 27: Nelson Backpacking School lecture 6:30-9 (last class!)

Wednesday, June 28: Move out remaining items and clean up

Friday, June 30: Gary turns in all keys. Lease ends.

Clubroom Hosting can be fun!

January 10, 2017

The Clubroom is “hosted” on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 -7pm. What this means is that a CMC volunteer goes to the Clubroom during that time and attends to routine maintenance tasks. These light duties consist of checking for voice mail, checking for email, and checking the postal mail, and responding appropriately, while logging this in the Host Notebook. Some light cleaning can be involved, such as vacuuming or taking out the trash. Besides earning good karma, you will gradually come to learn more about the Boulder CMC, and perhaps make some new friends. There is a Hosting Calendar on the Boulder website, and as you can see, the same few people have been doing this for some time. It would great to get some more hosts trained, and see some new faces  helping with this enjoyable service. To respond, please email or call the Clubroom at (303) 554-7688.

Buddy, can you spare a PC?

January 10, 2017

The desktop PC in the Clubroom is starting to fail, after having provided worthy service for over ten years. We do have a laptop (donated a couple of years ago by Jim Leffingwell) that we can use in a pinch, but it would be better if we could replace this old desktop unit with a newer, used one. If anyone has an old PC, preferably running Windows, that they would like to donate to the Clubroom, please contact: or call the Clubroom at (303) 554-7688.