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CMC Volunteer Ski/Snowshoe Patrolling Opportunity

August 24, 2017

Do you frequently journey in the winter up to the Brainard Lake Recreation area or other  trailheads along the Peak-to-Peak Highway in Boulder and Gilpin Counties. Do you enjoying interacting with other winter enthusiasts?

The CMC Boulder Group is jointly working with the USFS and Bryan Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol (BMNSP) (a volunteer backcountry ski patrol) to provide a ski patrol presence at the Brainard Lake Recreation area, Moffit Tunnel area, and possibly other trailheads along the Peak-to-Peak Highway in Boulder and Gilpin Counties .  The program initiated in 2014 and has been a huge success.

In order to continue to provide and grow this program, BMNSP needs more backcountry patrollers.  CMC members are ideal candidates for this program. The commitment level would be a min of 5 days patrolling per season.  Backcountry patrolling can be on snowshoes or skis.  Becoming a  backcountry ski patrol candidate also provides you with a lot of benefits, such as a Nordic skiing at Devils Thumb

If you are interested in becoming a patroller, there are a few requirements, primarily on the medical side.  The primary requirement is Outdoor Emergency Care, an 80 hour wilderness first responder course. BMNSP is offering the required medical training this fall (Aug 30) in boulder .  In addition, the Boulder Group may have some grant funds to offset the cost of the training for CMC ski patrol candidates.

Download the course info here: OEC 2017 BMNSP.

The 80 hour OEC course begins Wed, Aug 30, 6-10pm,  and will continue every wed thru wed Nov 18. There will also be a number of Sat field training days. A detailed scheduled can be provided upon request.

For more information, contact Cindy Gagnon @ 303-938-8564 or via email


Ärestua Cabin Annual Work Party, Sat, 9/9

August 24, 2017

Help get our beautiful Guinn Mountain cabin ready for the winter. Projects include – cutting a LOT of wood, hauling, splitting, and stacking; cleaning the inside of the cabin; and some small repairs.  Bring: work boots/shoes, work gloves, your lunch, and chainsaw, if you own one. Sign-up is not necessary, but is appreciated.

Be prepared for hot and dry and/or wet and cold.  Meet at the hut at 9 am or at the Rollinsville General  Store at 8:00 am to carpool up to Yankee Doodle lake. For more info, contact David Miller at

Brainard Cabin Annual Work Party, Sat, 9/16

August 24, 2017

Come for all or part of the day to help haul pre-split wood, cut, split & stack trees into firewood,clean the inside of the cabin, and make minor repairs. Bring: work boots shoes, work gloves, and your lunch.  Be prepared for hot and dry and/or wet and cold. Sign-up is not necessary, but is appreciated.

Meet at the cabin at 9 am or car pool at 8 am from the parking lot in the N.E. corner of Iris and Broadway in North Boulder. Tell the gate attendant you are working at the cabin for free entry for this day only. There will be a special parking area at the west end of the lake.

For more info, contact Jason Kintzel at (303) 776-1218, or

CMC + NSP Avalanche Course Recap

January 12, 2017

This past weekend, the National Ski Patrol and CMC geared up and headed outside for two full field days to conclude the Level 1 avalanche course.

Day 1: Saturday, January 7. Instructors and students headed to St. Mary’s Glacier for a day of analyzing snowpits, using beacons to locate buried beacons and learning about decision-making in avalanche terrain.

Day 2: Sunday, January 8. A much longer hike into the backcountry along the Second Creek Trail on the north side of Berthoud Pass led instructors and students into a winter wonderland (pictured below).

Students rotated between stations that focused on analyzing snowpits, making good decisions, finding beacons, immediate search training and complex immediate searches. The final exercise (complex immediate searches) acted as real-life scenarios with multiple burials–beacons and wetsuits were buried in the snow and students were instructed to locate them as quickly and efficiently as possible in the midst of chaos.

At the end of the long, snowy day, students were given certificates of completion at the trailhead, while instructors were applauded for their hard work and dedication.


Along the Second Creek Trail on the north side of Berthoud Pass


Instructor Jordan Lipp (left) teaches students how to dig and analyze snowpits to study the many layers


Students got down on their hands and knees when they approached buried beacons, before they started digging to find them


Instructor Cindy Gagnon (right) teaches students how to read the information displayed on their beacons before beginning another beacon-finding exercise


Instructor Lin Ballard points to avalanche terrain, explaining to students how to identify dangerous slopes and estimate safe distances from them


The view from Broome Hut along Second Creek Trail on the north side of Berthoud Pass. Students traveled up to the hut during one of their rotations to study the terrain and (thankfully) warm up for a few minutes.


The weekend concluded with the presentation of certificates to students and applause for the volunteer instructors.

Denver Group is Bringing Climbing Self-Rescue 2 Class to Boulder

January 12, 2017

Jerry Allen and Bill Haneghan of the Denver Group will be teaching this advanced rock climbing self-rescue class in the Boulder clubroom on 3/21 and 3/23 with a field trip on 3/25. They’ll teach skills to help you get out of difficult situations, using only the people in your group and the gear you have with you. The class size is very limited, and we’re especially interested in enrolling Boulder group members who have an interest in teaching this class as one of our offerings in the future. If you fit that description, please contact