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Storage Unit Workday Volunteers Needed

August 16, 2017

A call for volunteers is going out for a workday for our storage unit at AAA Storage. The workday will be Monday, September 18, 8:30am, unit #A-36. The address for AAA Storage is 4880 Pearl Street, which parallels Pearl Parkway, the better know thoroughfare. The easiest route there is to go to 49th and Pearl Parkway (see map below). The entrance is guarded by a locked gate, so we will meet outside on Pearl Street, where there is roadside parking.

What needs to be done at the unit is to improve the internal wooden shelving, sort out and organize existing gear, and to weatherstrip around the edge of the door. Weatherstripping is needed to keep out dust, which from past experience with our previous unit, is a serious concern. There is some existing shelving, but it needs to be extended to accommodate more gear and ropes. Mountaineering gear comes in various shapes and sizes, so its storage requires some customization. Furthermore, the shelving must be free standing, as no permanent attachment can be made to the steel walls forming the container.

Since these tasks would benefit from some planning, if you would like to volunteer and have the skills and tools to help, please make contact in advance. The point of contact is Gary Johnston, Thanks for your help!


Map to AAA Storage in east Boulder


Clubroom Farewell Party & Moveout

July 5, 2017
by Rick Casey, past chair (with help from all who attended….)

One last farewell party was held at the Clubroom on the evening of Saturday, June 24, 2017, the last weekend before we had to move out by June 30. It was a bittersweet moment, where all there shared many fond memories of past events held there, and in previous Clubroom locations.

Organized primarily by Gary Johnston, current chair of the Council, with help with Diana Dear and others, the party was catered with food from Chipotle’s. The party was free to anyone who had in the past volunteered in any capacity, which was certainly most, if not all, of those who came. But Chipotle does not deliver, so the food was quite appropriately delivered by bike, with the free loaner bike trailer from Community Cycles! (I failed to get the name of the young gentleman who did this, but he’s identified in one of the photos below.)

A running slideshow of pictures provided by Neil Purrett, and photos from the Boulder CMC Facebook group page, was kept running in the corner as everyone enjoyed their dinner and conversation. The highlight of the evening was a wrapup talk given by Gary about the current status and future outlook for the Boulder Group (see the related story where this is spelled out in more detail).

This was followed by sharing about past Clubroom locations from those there who have living memories of them, including Ken Groninger and his wife, Jim Groh, Diana Dear, among others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

But in rough reverse chronological order, the Clubroom locations included:

  • the previous location immediately above on the patio (now occupied by the Yoga Loft)
  • the longest occupied location at the end of the patio (main space of the Yoga Loft), both of which were subleased from Neptune Mountaineering since the early 1990’s
  • the real estate office of Mock Realty at the south end of the Table Mesa shopping property
  • a room in the Chataugua Community House
  • a room in the old international student hostel on the Hill

And it also may have been in the old University Memorial Center (UMC) on the CU Boulder campus, though I’m not sure about that…certainly a good topic for a future Compass article! If anyone reading this has knowledge about such previous clubroom locations, please contact me at

The following weekend, a few hardy volunteers showed up on June 29 and 30 to move out the final large items, which were distributed or donated among CMC members who could use them or keep them until a future use is found for them.

The pictures below tell the story…


The dinner table at the last supper!


The slide show in the corner


Diana Dear and Jim Groh, longtime volunteers


Phil Congdan, Willy Gully and Val Hovland, also longtime volunteers


Gary Johnston making post-dinner remarks


Phil Congan, Connie Schwab and (rarely photographed) Nelson Tamplin


Three young CMC members picking up some free books!

In this last photo, the young man in the middle is the guy who delivered dinner on the bike trailer — so we all thank him!

The next few photos are from the final moveout on June 25 and 30:


The nearly empty Clubroom space…just a few assorted items remaining


Your’s truly in a photo selfie in the nearly empty front office after my last Clubroom hosting…a sad day!


Gary Johnston and Joe Day helping lower the sign, using good old Goldline rope!


Joe Day and Steve Blazo at the sign’s new (temporary) storage location


The Clubroom chairs in their temporary storage location…for sale!



The Boulder Group: its future & its clubroom

June 18, 2017
by Rick Casey, past Boulder Chair, and Gary Johnston, current chair, published June 19, 2017

For anyone thinking the Boulder Group is disbanding merely because its clubroom is  closing, please rest assured: no such thing is happening.

The Boulder Group will continue to clubroom function using rented and public spaces on an as-needed basis. We are not shutting down!

The primary uses of the clubroom are for class lectures and monthly Council meetings; other uses include bi-monthly Overview meetings, a physical presence and storefront for hosting, a rainy day location for classes, and the occasional social event. (To see who is on the Council, see this website page under Info). The Council has done an extensive examination of available spaces in the Boulder area (primarily thanks to Jill Yarger), and we found that this need can easily be met by these local resources, as long as we plan and reserve spaces in advance. The only thing we’ll lose is the physical presence and storefront. Spaces that are available to us include Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, YWCA, E Boulder Rec Center, and Lucky’s Market Community Room, just to name a few.

A more serious threat to the future of the Boulder Group is the lack of volunteer participation, which has affected many aspects of its activities.  We absolutely depend on volunteers to keep our group operating, and we very much appreciate all our active volunteers.

Losing the Clubroom is a blow, but nonetheless the Group can successfully move forward with your help.  So please, if you’re a trip leader then lead a trip, if you like to teach then teach a class, if you’re interested in running the group then join the council. Send an email to, and express how you would like to get involved. You’ll be glad you did, as this type of community service brings its own reward in time.

Whatever we could do as a group with a clubroom, we can do in rented and free spaces, so please don’t let it change your plans to help the CMC Boulder Group grow and thrive! The council will soon be deciding on how to use money saved on rent and utilities towards things such as volunteer training, reviving conservation grants, new equipment and more. Please provide any suggestions you have as we plan our budget. The CMC Boulder Group looks forward to the future with you!






Clubroom Grand Finale & Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – June 24

June 4, 2017
By Gary Johnston, Boulder Group chair

We’re having a CMC Boulder Group Clubroom farewell party and dinner on Saturday, June 24 at 6PM! Please attend and enjoy Chipotle catered food, beer, refreshments, and dessert as we recognize all of our volunteers who are the heart and soul of our group. The event is open to all CMC members and costs $15. As a thank you for anyone who has volunteered for the CMC Boulder Group in the past 12 months, in whatever capacity whether as a host, trip leader, assistant instructor, helped with an event, etc….. it’s free! Aside from volunteer recognition, we’re planning some other activities to say goodbye to the clubroom.

The dinner is pay at the door (cash or check only). Please RSVP to by June 18 with the number of attendees so we can plan for catering. Thanks, and we hope to see you at the clubroom!

Clubroom Giveaway and Member Memories Weekend – June 10 & 11

June 4, 2017
By Gary Johnston, Boulder Group chair

Do you like free stuff? Care to share some memories of past adventures and good times with the CMC? We may have just the thing for you! June 10th and 11th is our Giveaway and Member Memories Weekend. We’ve got a lot of books and some furniture, vintage mountaineering equipment, historical club keepsakes and more to give away. Saturday afternoon and evening we’ll have a time to share stories and memories. Please come on by and visit with the CMC

Boulder Group. Here are the details:

Saturday 6/10:

 Noon – 7PM: Giveaway! All items are free to Boulder Group members, others can take limited items for free with a suggested donation of $1 per item.

 3PM – 7PM: Member Memories Party! Show up any time and BYOB & Food(restaurants, grocery stores, liquor store nearby). The CMCBG will provide coffee and tea. This will be a time to share stories with CMC members old and new. There will be a computer projector and slide projector available if you’d like to make a “10 Minutes of Fame” presentation about an outdoor experience.

Sunday 6/11:

 10AM – 1 PM: Giveaway as on Saturday!


Some pictures are articles to be distributed: