Cancellations of CMC Events/Classes/Trips due to COVID-19


CMC classes, trips, and events are being temporarily postponed in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19.   In the short term, this will cause the cancellation or rescheduling of all Boulder CMC classes, trips, and events scheduled for March and April.       We are working on converting some of the classroom portions of the training courses to an online format.  Since this is a new venture for the Boulder CMC–please be patient with this process.  Updates will be made at,,  CMC and Boulder-CMC Facebook pages, CMC-Boulder meetup pages, and various CMC newsletters and emails.

The official CMC statements are available at this link:

If you choose to recreate in the outdoors during this time of recommended social distancing, we encourage you to follow the recommendations by the Center for Disease Control, recreate in a way that preserves the conditions of the outdoors and the trails, park only where permitted, be courteous to others, and be conservative in your risk-taking.  Note that Search & Rescue teams are stretched thin and have less ability to respond to your incidents.  Avalanche danger still exists in the backcountry, in the side-country, and now– in closed lift-served ski areas that are no longer being managed for avalanche danger.