Ypsilon Trailblazers Trip Report


CMC Trailblazer crew on top of Ypsilon (13,075’)

On Saturday September 8, a group of 8 Trailblazers led by Kahle Toothill and Trey Laurence headed up to RMNP to hike in one of the most secluded areas of the park. At 5:00am, two cars embarked from Boulder on the “safari” to the park. The drive alone was exciting, seeing a bear cub, elk bugling and a moose before even getting to the trailhead.

Chapin Creek trailhead was a chilly 35 degrees. A wake up call that winter was coming. The destination was Ypsilon (13,075’), an iconic peak. In addition to Ypsilon, our goal was to also tag Mount Chiquita (13,075’) and Chapin (12,454’) along the way, completing the CCY Trifecta.

Our group was strong and we easily summited Mount Chiquita, stopped for a quick snack and posed with our best “banana” impersonation poses. Onward to Ypsilon! We summited around 10:30am, took some photos, soaked in the stellar views of the Never Summer Range, Long’s Peak and even the Medicine Bow range in Wyoming. We were lucky that the wildfire smoke had blown away and that the skies were clear. The substantial winds that are usually present on this hike were nonexistent this day.

On the way down we circumnavigated Chiquita (instead of summiting it again) and the group decided to charge up Chapin to complete our version of the trifecta, the CYC! The total stats for the day were 8.8mi and 3,300’ vertical.

Ypsilon is one of the true hidden gems in Rocky Mountain National Park. Pro tip: As the majority of the hike is above tree line, September is the best month to go. The chance of lightning storms is decreased and Old Fall River Road is still open. The road is already closed for the winter. Once it reopens (anticipated July 2019), add this hike to your list!


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