2018 Conservation Grants Awarded


https_cdn.evbuc.comimages435032251043267115071originalWe’re happy to announce that we awarded two Conservation Grants to improve the outdoors in our backyard! Both of these grants were for trail stewardship work.

$1500 went to the Boulder Climbing Community, which was used by their Front Range Climbing Stewards program to improve access to the “Nip and Tuck” climbing area. This area receives a lot of use for traditional and toprope climbing and was threatened by severe erosion. Our Boulder Mountaineering School uses Nip and Tuck for Basic Rock School instruction, so we’re especially grateful for this work.

$2500 was awarded to Wilderness Restoration Volunteers for extensive heavy maintenance on the Long Lake—Lake Isabelle—Pawnee Pass trail corridor. Trail work was done by Wilderness Restoration Volunteers along with youth corps to to ensure safe, sustainable recreation opportunities for hikers and winter ski/snowshoe users.  This work is especially significant to the CMC Boulder Group because of it’s proximity to the Brainard Cabin.

Both of these grants leveraged their value with volunteer work and matching funds. Thanks to all for your CMC Boulder Group membership which supports our Conservation Grants!

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