CMC Volunteer Ski/Snowshoe Patrolling Opportunity


Do you frequently journey in the winter up to the Brainard Lake Recreation area or other  trailheads along the Peak-to-Peak Highway in Boulder and Gilpin Counties. Do you enjoying interacting with other winter enthusiasts?

The CMC Boulder Group is jointly working with the USFS and Bryan Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol (BMNSP) (a volunteer backcountry ski patrol) to provide a ski patrol presence at the Brainard Lake Recreation area, Moffit Tunnel area, and possibly other trailheads along the Peak-to-Peak Highway in Boulder and Gilpin Counties .  The program initiated in 2014 and has been a huge success.

In order to continue to provide and grow this program, BMNSP needs more backcountry patrollers.  CMC members are ideal candidates for this program. The commitment level would be a min of 5 days patrolling per season.  Backcountry patrolling can be on snowshoes or skis.  Becoming a  backcountry ski patrol candidate also provides you with a lot of benefits, such as a Nordic skiing at Devils Thumb

If you are interested in becoming a patroller, there are a few requirements, primarily on the medical side.  The primary requirement is Outdoor Emergency Care, an 80 hour wilderness first responder course. BMNSP is offering the required medical training this fall (Aug 30) in boulder .  In addition, the Boulder Group may have some grant funds to offset the cost of the training for CMC ski patrol candidates.

Download the course info here: OEC 2017 BMNSP.

The 80 hour OEC course begins Wed, Aug 30, 6-10pm,  and will continue every wed thru wed Nov 18. There will also be a number of Sat field training days. A detailed scheduled can be provided upon request.

For more information, contact Cindy Gagnon @ 303-938-8564 or via email


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