New Homes For Boulder Group Historical Items and More


A huge thank you to everyone who helped the CMC Boulder Group move out of our Clubroom in Table Mesa Shopping Center! We finished vacating on June 30th and turned in the keys.

During the move out, we took care to make sure important historical items of the CMC Boulder Group were not lost. The timing of our move could not have been better in this respect, as Katie Sauter just applied for and received a grant from the Colorado State Archives to organize the CMC collections. Katie is library director of the American Alpine Club Library, and maintains the CMC Archives as well. She came up to our Clubroom and gathered photographs, trip reports, publications, and more dating back about 100 years to take back to the American Mountaineering Center in Golden. The items will be organized and catalogued so that they can be efficiently accessed in the future.

Many historical items are staying in Boulder. Neptune Mountaineering will display some vintage mountaineering gear, plaques, photos, books and more in their Table Mesa store when their remodel is complete. Items at Neptune include the Baker Armstrong mountaineering gear. Sherpa Restaurant at 825 Walnut Street has many of our books from the Himalayan collection in their restaurant library, available for patrons to read. Jim Groh, past chair from 2001, has his extensive collection of Compass newsletters. Gary Johnston, current chair, has 40 of what appeared to be the oldest and perhaps most collectible books that he is holding for the Boulder Group.

Aside from historical items, many items were donated to charitable organizations, given to CMC members given away to the general public, and taken to ReSource, recycled, or taken to hazardous disposal. We’re proud to say that very little ended up in the landfill!

Of course, equipment that we will continue to use for our classes as we approach our second century of history are in our storage unit in east Boulder. Thanks again to everyone who helped with this monumental effort!


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