The Boulder Group: its future & its clubroom

by Rick Casey, past Boulder Chair, and Gary Johnston, current chair, published June 19, 2017

For anyone thinking the Boulder Group is disbanding merely because its clubroom is  closing, please rest assured: no such thing is happening.

The Boulder Group will continue to clubroom function using rented and public spaces on an as-needed basis. We are not shutting down!

The primary uses of the clubroom are for class lectures and monthly Council meetings; other uses include bi-monthly Overview meetings, a physical presence and storefront for hosting, a rainy day location for classes, and the occasional social event. (To see who is on the Council, see this website page under Info). The Council has done an extensive examination of available spaces in the Boulder area (primarily thanks to Jill Yarger), and we found that this need can easily be met by these local resources, as long as we plan and reserve spaces in advance. The only thing we’ll lose is the physical presence and storefront. Spaces that are available to us include Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, YWCA, E Boulder Rec Center, and Lucky’s Market Community Room, just to name a few.

A more serious threat to the future of the Boulder Group is the lack of volunteer participation, which has affected many aspects of its activities.  We absolutely depend on volunteers to keep our group operating, and we very much appreciate all our active volunteers.

Losing the Clubroom is a blow, but nonetheless the Group can successfully move forward with your help.  So please, if you’re a trip leader then lead a trip, if you like to teach then teach a class, if you’re interested in running the group then join the council. Send an email to, and express how you would like to get involved. You’ll be glad you did, as this type of community service brings its own reward in time.

Whatever we could do as a group with a clubroom, we can do in rented and free spaces, so please don’t let it change your plans to help the CMC Boulder Group grow and thrive! The council will soon be deciding on how to use money saved on rent and utilities towards things such as volunteer training, reviving conservation grants, new equipment and more. Please provide any suggestions you have as we plan our budget. The CMC Boulder Group looks forward to the future with you!






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