Checking your BMS courses


If you have taken any classes with the Boulder Mountain Schools, you may want to check your record of them on the state website. This is the official record of the classes you’ve taken through the CMC, and since some courses can be prerequisites for other courses, it is therefore necessary for this record to be accurate.

However, due to various changes in the development and maintenance of the state website over the past few years, the processes by which these data are maintained may not be up to date. Though I’m sure school directors try to report the record of each class accurately, there has not been a well established standard by which these data are recorded, and so mistakes are certainly possible.

The best way to check the data is by the members themselves. So, if you have taken any BMS classes in the past, and are interested in checking them for accuracy, you can do so on the state website,, by logging in, then clicking Members > My Membership > My Schools.  If you see any mistakes, you should email, or call the state office at 303-279-3080.

If you need to contact any of the BMS school directors, you can locate the appropriate person and their email on the Contact Us page on the Boulder website.


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