BMS Appreciation party much appreciated!


One of the favorite traditions of the Boulder Mountain Schools (BMS) and Outings Committee is to host an annual party for its volunteers. The instructors and trip leaders who make the effort to teach classes and lead trips deserve such recognition; and it helps to build the personal relationships among the group.

And usually the best time to host this annal party happened is in the “in between” season, when it’s getting too cold to climb outside, but the snow pack is not yet deep enough to ski. Plus it needs to be held before the holiday party season gets in full swing, so that people can put it on their schedule. This year, December 1 seemed about right, which happened on a Thursday.

The turnout of about twenty-five made for a good crowd, enough to feel like a party, but not so big you couldn’t talk to everyone. Gary Johnston was


Good conversations as the party got started 

instrumental by picking up the pizzas at Beau Jo’s, and I helped by picking up the beer at good old LiquorMart.







There was even some family entertainment in the early part of the evening: these kids quickly found out how to build img_1227a blanket fort in the front room, using materials they found on hand: future survivalists for sure!





The quality pizza from Beau Jo’s was served nice and hot, and people quickly got down to business enjoying it….


It was great to see the younger new leaders this year were able to make it:


Around the table are Katie Toothill, Bryan Costanza, Becky Ruttenberg, Chris Bamat (almost hidden), Ben Feinstein and Trey Lawrence. Oops…Ben didn’t quite become a leader this year, but we’re sure he’ll get that second co-lead in soon!

After dinner, I gave a short talk expressing appreciation for the instructors and trip leaders, outlining the steps to becoming a trip leader:


This tried and true system has worked well for the Boulder Group over the years, bringing new leaders into the group, and ensuring they become safe and capable leaders. Becky Ruttenburg, Jill Yarger and Gary Johnston also made announcements, encouraging people to get involved as trip leaders and instructors.

Then the real highlight of the evening was settling down into watching a fun film together..but enough said about that! You’ll have to tune into the CMC grapevine to hear about it; but it was such a hit, I’m sure there will similar such parties in the future.


A fun spoof of a climbing movie….Hollywood style!

After it was over, everyone enjoyed helping to clean up, and restore order, as all good campers should:


Who knows…maybe we should do this more often?




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