Årestua hut has some new information to share


Arestua Hut after a big dump!

The webpage for the Årestua Hut has been greatly overhauled and enhanced thanks to work done by David Miller, the current hutmeister. You can view the webpage at www.cmcboulder.org/cabin-arestua.html

The really new information is about access — or the lack thereof. There was a change of ownership of the Eldora Ski Resort sometime around 2015, and the new management is apparently a bit more picky about when they want to allow the public to cross their property to access the National Forest land that completely surrounds the resort. However, about one third of the Eldora resort is actually private property that was grandfathered into the National Forest land, so there is no getting around the issue. So if you want to access the cabin, you need to park outside the resort (east of the entrance, in a small roadside lot) and cross their property during working hours. Outside of working hours, there is a security guard watching for trespassers, as some people rudely discovered this past year. You have been warned!

With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, there is other really useful new information there too, such as a GPS file that tracks the approach, for those with that skill; and graphic images of maps for those who don’t use a GPS. Did you know there are two different ways to get to the cabin? Yep, either via the Guinn Mountain/Jenny Creek trail, or the more adventuresome Lost Lake trail. But beware! The Lost Lake trail has avalanche terrain, identified on the map.

David also added a real treasure trove of information by adding the past Guest Books, dating back to 1997. These can be quite entertaining reading, some with elaborate drawings; but now you can do so in the comfort of your home, instead of a long hike to the hut.

For those CMC members not aware of the hut, you owe it to yourself to take a vicarious trip there via the webpage. Originally built by the CMC in 1969 through the initiative of Ingvar Skodal (who still lives in Boulder), the hut has been greatly improved over the past decade or so, by the installation of a double paned window (which replaced plexiglas), a solar system that provides interior lighting and repairs to the cranky wood stove that was really acting up last year.

But the hut only stays open and maintained by volunteers, so please consider acting on the information provided on the webpage how you can help. The main event is the fall work party, which will next happen September 9, 2017.


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