The Chopsticks Fix


As anyone who is a regular user of the Ärestua Hut knows, Steve Priem was the hutmeister for many years, and still enjoys getting up there on occasion. But something strange happened when he arrived there one day back in March 2016:


A pair of chopsticks sticking out of the front door where the thumb latch should be! Why was this, he wondered? Looking inside, he saw this:


Apparently, the thumblatch had disappeared (for some vandalous reason), and this was the fix someone had volunteered. Well, Steve thought he could do better, and came up with this:


Which looked like this from the outside:


Not bad…more durable than chopsticks…but on a subsequent visit, Steve then remembered where a spare thumblatch was, and so….


Got it back into working order:


Yet another story in how the Guinn Mountain hut keeps surviving over the years, based on constant care and nurturing from the community of users that keep it going….thanks Steve!


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