Boulder Group awards 2016 conservation grants








The Boulder Group has awarded $4,000 in funds to support three conservation projects in 2016. The awards were distributed as follows:

  • $1,000 to the Boulder Climbing Community/Front Range Climbing Stewards (BCC)
  • $1,500 to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance (IPWA)
  • $1,500 to the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV)

The BCC project will be improving the approach trails at the Plotinus Wall in Dream Canyon, which is off Sugarload Road in Boulder Canyon. The IPWA project will improve a trail to Mitchell Lake, which is accessed from the Brainard Lake area. The WRV project will work on the Diamond Lake trail, which is accessed from the Fourth of July trailhead.

Though these awards are a small fraction of the overall budgets of these organizations (for example, BCC’s total 2016 budget will be $120,000), the awards are still deeply appreciated. We are sure every dollar will be well spent, and represents a sound investment in helping preserve the environmental quality of these heavily used trails.

The Boulder Group’s conservation funds come from a $5 charge built into our member’s annual renewal fee. It is the only group in the CMC to do so. I do not know when this was started, but it has been practiced for some time.


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