Clubroom update, March 2016


As the Council chair, I felt it was my responsibility to let our members know what’s happening with the Clubroom situation, and how well it is going, and where we still need help.

Since last month, we have added an electric line (of sorts) which gets power to the west side of the main room without running an extension cord across the floor. So now we can power the stereo and digital projector more easily. This was thanks to Joel McGuire and Gretchen Gaugler. They also installed some climbing anchors on the walls for use during the spring climbing classes. They make for an interesting wall decoration otherwise…

The illuminated sign was moved from its old location to the new one last week; however, the illumination is still not working, which is being addressed. But at least the new sign is in place!


The front room is still pretty cheerless, though, and the rug fragments that were salvaged from the old clubroom are not exactly enhancing the decor. There is one sofa there, but if anyone has any old rugs or stuffed armchairs that they would like to donate for the cause, these would be greatly appreciated. We still need to construct some shelving or a cabinet in the bathroom as well, to put the supplies somewhere.

As far as other details, I have constructed a “List of Clubroom Tasks” in an online document (a google sheet) so that this can be easily referred to. This can also be accessed via our website,, and then clicking on the “List of Clubroom Tasks” link in the left panel, or click here.

As you can see there, it’s not a long list, but it is the small things that makes a space more livable. If anyone wants to volunteer, just send email to, and I will put you in touch.

Rick Casey

chair, Boulder CMC Group



One Response to “Clubroom update, March 2016”

  1. Rick Says:

    So, one of the things we need to do is finish putting down the rug fragments from the old Clubroom. I’ll post a picture on the BCMC FB page to illustrate. –Rick


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