BCMC 2014 Annual Dinner this month


The Boulder Group’s 2014 annual annual dinner will continue our potluck format, but this year in this new venue in St John’s Episcopal Church’s Parish Hall, on Saturday, January 17th at 5pm, which we believe will be an excellent venue for our event. Hope you can make it!


Photo by Janine Fugere, January 2014


Our featured speaker will be Gary Neptune, past owner of Neptune Mountaineering (pictured here in the lobby of the store), a long time supporter of the Club and a legendary figure in the Colorado climbing and skiing community. Gary will share with us his lifetime passion for the outdoors, and some of his more daring adventures, with pictures from his personal collection. Janine Fugere took the great picture of Gary that can be seen on the dinner flyer (to see it online click here).

Please register all participants in advance, though walk-ins are ok, and of course guests are welcome. This will be a potluck so please bring a dish of your choice, indicating your dish’s category when you sign up at the state website and buy your ticket ($10 at cmc.org). When you bring your dish, please list the ingredients on a small card that can be placed beside it, so persons with dietary requirements can know what is in it. You are also allowed to bring beverages of your choosing, though punch (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), water and coffee will be served. An ongoing count of the dish categories can be seen online, to aid you in selecting what dish to bring; you can see a count of the dish categories here. (This count is updated manually; it is not automatically updated when you register.)


Dinner Agenda

Social Hour           5:00 PM
Potluck Dinner     6:00 PM
Annual Meeting   7:15 PM
Presentation         8:00 PM
Socializing             9:00 PM
Conclusion            9:30 PM

Food Dropoff

We are making a special effort this year to make sure that all the potluck dishes stay warm and are served promptly! And there is a handy way for you to drop off your dish before you park: the alley way drop off! There is an alley on the north side of the church, which runs east-west between 13th and 14th streets, and one of the entrances to Parish Hall opens on to it. There will be servers standing by to take your dish at this entrance, and keep it warm in the kitchen for you until the dinner. This way you don’t have to carry your food from where you park — how convenient!

Dish Pickup

Please don’t forget to pick up your serving dish after the dinner. These will be placed on a designated table after the dessert is over. If the dish was all eaten up, the serving dish will be cleaned for you.



click to enlarge



St Johns Episcopal Church takes up most of the block along Pine Street between 14th and 15th Streets. Parish Hall is located in the northeast portion of the church. There are three entrances to Parish Hall: 1) from the southwest, though the main lobby, 2) from the east, where there is a small parking lot, and 3) from the north, via the alley. You should use the alley entrance to drop off your potluck dish; otherwise, the main entrance is to the southwest, unless you are able to park in the small parking lot on the northeast corner next to 15th Street.

Parking at St John’s

The neighborhood where St John’s is located regulates on-street parking, so please be careful where you park, and observe posted parking signs. The above map indicates where the limited parking is available on St John’s property: there a lot off of 15th Street, some spaces on 14th Street, and some in the alley. Public buses also run down Broadway, which is just two blocks away; the Hop bus also runs up Spruce Street, one block away. As a last resort, there is a Boulder parking garage at 15th and Pearl, two blocks south.

Share Your Pictures

During the social hour, a rotating slide show will be displayed of pictures from Boulder CMC trips and schools during the past year. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please send them to dinnerpics@cmcboulder.org. (Please limit to about a dozen or so, thank you).

Dinner Volunteers

If you are able to help with the dinner, assistance with setting up and taking down of the tables and chairs would be appreciated. Send your contact information to dinnerhelp@cmcboulder.org. Thanks!


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