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Fall 2014 Basic Rock School wraps it up

October 30, 2014

by Rick Casey, BRS Director

This fall Boulder was blessed with a glorious Indian Summer season, which was ideal for the three outdoor field trips and graduation climbs of the Basic Rock School, which occurred between October 4 and 26. The two senior instructors were Jill Yarger and Tim Hill, who graduate twelve students in all. This was Tim’s first time instructing in BRS was something of an innovation, as he had instructed with the Denver group’s equivalent of BRS, and as far as I know, was the first such “transplant” instructor taught in BRS. All went well, as Tim has taken the extra effort to become AMGA certified (or American Mountain Guides Association, see, a proud example for others of us in BRS to follow!

Along with the 12 graduating BRS students was one other graduate, Roger Laurence, who passed the BRS Test Out Procedure. Roger was the second applicant to pass BRS in this way, a new innovation that I helped develop for BRS last spring to encourage experienced climbers to pass BRS without having to take the full course, but still learn the self-rescue techniques and pass the field tests. To learn more about it, see the Test Out Procedure page on the website.

The course concluded with a party in the Clubroom for all the BRS students and instructors on Monday, October 27, where some frivolity ensued:


For a few more pictures of what the Belay Tower & Knot Test Day was like, see here.

Senior Instructors:
Brenda Leach
Jill Yarger
Tim Hill

Assistant Instructors:
Carrie Simon
Chris Marotta
Connor Ford
Duane Lovato
Gary Johnston

Belay Tower & Knot Test Assistants:
Brenda Leach
Clare Reda
Joe Day
Nikki Kelly


Brigida Ahrnsbrak
Callie Hammond
Chelsie Saragoza
Dylan Penkethman
Eli Klein
Erik Schaefer
Hector Reyes Pinon
Jeffrey Hammond
Roger Lawrence III
Ryan Bennick
Shane Thomas
Steven Strong
TC Aylward