How the CMC Boulder group Trip Leader & Course Instructor email lists can help you!


Have you ever wondered how to become qualified to be a CMC trip leader?

Or perhaps you might have a question about an upcoming CMC course, and you would like to ask a question of that instructor?

You can do both using existing email lists on the CMC Boulder website! This little known feature of the website was created primarily to facilitate communication between trip leaders and course instructors, but they can also be used by any CMC member who wants to contact trip leaders and course instructors, for whatever reason.  Certainly part of the vision for these email listservs was to encourage those CMC members who aspire to become trip leaders or instructors, but you are free to ask any question you might have.

The email lists for Trip Leaders are:

  • A-B Hike Leaders
  • C-D Hike Leaders (includes snow climbs)
  • Overnight Backpack Trip Leaders
  • Rock Climbing Trip Leaders
  • Ski Touring Trip Leaders
  • Ski Mountaineering Trip Leaders
  • Ice Climbing Trip Leaders

The email lists for Course Instructors are:

  • Hiking & Backpacking Instructors
  • Snow School Instructors
  • Basic Rock School Instructors
  • Rock Lead School Instructors
  • Area Tele Ski Instructors
  • Cross Country Ski Instructors
  • Backcountry Tele Ski Instructors
  • Ice Climbing Instructors
  • Alpine Rock Instructors
  • Advanced Mountaineering Instructors

How To Subscribe & Benefits of Subscription

All of these email lists are self-subscribing, meaning you yourself create your subscription, and you can also unsubscribe at any time. To  subscribe, there is a page for the Trip Leaders, and another page for Course Instructors, which then lead into the various subcategories. These can be found on the homepage of in the top menu, under Trips/Trip Leader Email Lists (or click here), and for instructors, under Training/Instructor Email Lists (or click here).

The subscription process is similar for all the lists (because they all use the same open source listserve program, MailMan). You will be shown a webpage that asks your for your name and email, and has other instructions for how to to use the list. You need to create a password for your subscription and register your email; should you ever forget your password, you can recover it using this form.

Using this same web form, once you have been verified as a subscriber to the list, you can see the list of others on the list. Most importantly, you can begin asking questions of the entire group — the real benefit of email listservs. Any email you send to the group is received by all members of the group; and any response is also seen by all members of the group. So, this enforces a certain self-discipline on the communication, since all responses are seen by everyone.

Another purpose of the lists was to offer a place where persons wishing to co-lead a trip could ask existing Trip Leaders if they could co-lead a trip with them, the first step in becoming a qualified Trip Leader.

Benefits of the Lists

These lists were created to stimulate interest in trip leaders and course instructors, how one achieves that position, and the rewards that come from this.  There are concrete financial benefits of being a Trip Leader or a Course Instructor, primarily through discounts on purchases of gear; the foremost discount is the Trip Leader discount at Neptune Mountaineering, good for a 20 per cent discount off of any non-sale, non-special order purchase (including multiple items).

But the real benefit of becoming a Trip Leader or Course Instructor are the non-financial ones: the connections with other people, the self-confidence and increased knowledge that comes from leading trips or instructing courses. Of course, there is no way to put a price on that….

If you have any interest in the email listservs, please feel free to email me, Rick Casey, at


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