We were hacked!


by Rick Casey

The cmcboulder.org website has come of age: we got hacked!

On March 14, 2014, I pulled up the website, but here’s what I saw on the homepage:

….A Hot Mess….

Fearing the worst, I immediately went to our ISP, and filed a report, hoping for help, and copying our webmaster, Wayne Densmore. I thought, OMG, our entire website has been taken over by some foreign hacker who now controls the entire site! Surely my ISP was going to help me?

However, better help came from Wayne Densmore, our webmaster. Within 45 minutes of receiving my email, he had fixed the problem, and was busy plugging holes where the attack could have come from. Turns out only our homepage was affected, which he quickly restored from backup. Our theory is that the hacker exploited a submission form that was not protected by a password. All of those are now protected by passwords, and all the important passwords on the website have been changed.

Whew! that was a close one….thanks for the help, Wayne!


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