Free Forest Service Trail Maintenance Workshop


FREE Forest Service Trail Maintenance Workshop, by Kristy Wumkes

If you work on- or would like to work on- Forest Service trails as a volunteer or partner, this training is for YOU! Any healthy adult or young adult can perform all of the basic tasks needed for trail maintenance. This training is designed for those ages 16 and up.

Our goal for this two-part workshop is to give you the confidence and skills you need to properly maintain a US Forest Service trail- to whatever degree you can assist.

By the time you complete the training, you will:
•Know which tool to use, and how to use it safely.
•Be able to give a trailhead safety session to your group.
•Know what the Forest Service standards are for trail maintenance.
•Recognize unsafe trail conditions and trail damage that needs repair.
•Apply trail maintenance techniques to actual trail situations.

The 2013 workshop is in two parts on the following dates:

May 2, 6-9 PM classroom session
•Introduction to maintenance techniques, trail tools, safety, and Forest Service trail standards.

May 4, 8-2 PM trailside session
•The fun part! We’ll carpool to a trail in the Poudre Canyon for some hands-on experience to put into practice the techniques you learned in the class. We’ll be covering trail corridor maintenance, water drainage structure construction, and hand saw use.
•Join us afterwards for a free BBQ.

Registration is required. Please RSVP to Kristy Wumkes at or 970-295-6721 as soon as possible, and no later than April 26, 2013. Please note if you will be staying for the BBQ and if you have a preference for a veggie burger.

Meet up location for both sessions is the Forest Service office at:
2150 Centre Ave, Building E, Fort Collins.


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