Volunteers Needed for 2013 Spring/Summer BMS Session


The spring/summer session of the Boulder Mountaineering School (BMS) is looking for instruc­tors to help teach our courses.

This spring, we’ll offer the following:
Hiking and Survival Essentials
Hiking Navigation
Hiking Route and Trip Planning
Basic Rock School
Basic Snow
Intermediate Snow
Rock Leading School
Backpacking School
Top Roping Clinic
Sport Leading Clinic

The school directors will be contacting past instructors, but feel free to contact them first.

The course schedule may be found online at www.cmcboulder.org/bms/springSchedule.html.

For more information or to volunteer, contact the school directors directly.

Hiking Schools: Bob Matthias, bhs@cmcboulder.org; Basic Rock School: Rick Casey, brs@cmcboulder.org; Snow Schools: Jim Leffingwell, snow@cmcboulder.org; BMS Co-Chair for Rock Leading School, rls@cmcboulder.org; Chris Klotz for Top Roping Clinic, trc@cmcboulder.org; Ron Olsen for Sport Leading Clinic, slc@cmcboulder.org.

Instructors, your time and efforts are much appreciated!


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