Flagstaff Mountain Trail Work – Volunteers Needed


The Access Fund Teams up with Flagstafftrailwork.org, for trail work at Flagstaff Mountain! Why don’t we CMC climbers show our support and join in?

CMC Members are welcome to participate in the opportunity to maintain and preserve the bouldering areas at Flagstaff; one of the most frequented local bouldering and climbing destinations!

Where: Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, CO
When: Saturdays:
– Sept 8
– Sept 22
– Oct 6
Details: Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, needs your help!

Upper Flagstaff is in dire need of some trail work. You know this if you’ve climbed there recently – trails are badly braided through the forest and meadows, landings have eroded and widened dramatically – so we are staging three trail days to fix the place up! Our focus will be the zone from Upper Y to King Conquer, and also across the meadow up to First Overhang.

Please volunteer for a day to help us maintain and preserve this incredible and accessible bouldering area!
For more information and registration:
Flagstafftrailwork or contact Scott Rennak at scottrennak@yahoo.com

“Every hour of time you donate to a crag helps show land managers that climbers are responsible stewards. Grab some friends and a pair of work gloves and spend a day giving back to the sport you love! We hope to see you there.” — Ty Tyler, Stewardship Manager, Access Fund


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