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Seeking Contributors and Co-editors for Compass Newsletter

September 3, 2012

We want to hear about your trips, volunteering, and experiences learning with the CMC!
1. Have you been on any awesome trips lately?
2. Have you participated in one of the many stewardship or conservation opportunities this summer (with the CMC, Access Fund, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, etc)?
3. Have you expanded your horizons with a class taught by CMC?

If you answered, “YES!” to any of the above, then you are a perfect candidate for a contributorship account with the Boulder Compass Newsletter blog. You login and compose your story, we will edit the story. Then, we publish your article and you get the credit! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

To find out more about contributing your story or about becoming a co-editor, please contact Clare Reda, the Compass Editor, at

Flagstaff Mountain Trail Work – Volunteers Needed

September 3, 2012

The Access Fund Teams up with, for trail work at Flagstaff Mountain! Why don’t we CMC climbers show our support and join in?

CMC Members are welcome to participate in the opportunity to maintain and preserve the bouldering areas at Flagstaff; one of the most frequented local bouldering and climbing destinations!

Where: Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, CO
When: Saturdays:
– Sept 8
– Sept 22
– Oct 6
Details: Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, needs your help!

Upper Flagstaff is in dire need of some trail work. You know this if you’ve climbed there recently – trails are badly braided through the forest and meadows, landings have eroded and widened dramatically – so we are staging three trail days to fix the place up! Our focus will be the zone from Upper Y to King Conquer, and also across the meadow up to First Overhang.

Please volunteer for a day to help us maintain and preserve this incredible and accessible bouldering area!
For more information and registration:
Flagstafftrailwork or contact Scott Rennak at

“Every hour of time you donate to a crag helps show land managers that climbers are responsible stewards. Grab some friends and a pair of work gloves and spend a day giving back to the sport you love! We hope to see you there.” — Ty Tyler, Stewardship Manager, Access Fund

Georgia Pass/Glacier Peak Restoration

September 3, 2012

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers Need You!
Sign UP
Georgia Pass/Glacier Peak Restoration
Sat-Sun, Sep 8-9

Straddle the Continental Divide, Say Hi to Hikers on the Colorado Trail and Help Restore Eroding Alpine Roads

Accessible by even a Honda Civic and only 1.5 hours from Denver, our base camp below Georgia Pass is a gorgeous mountain escape for a fall weekend and a great chance to experience the alpine environment in a very easy way. From camp we will carpool up to the work site just a mile or two away but above tree line with spectacular views that go on forever!

This beautiful and popular area sees use from off-road vehicles and outdoor enthusiasts experiencing the CDT and Colorado Trails. While much of the recreation is on sustainable trails and roads there are some places where users, often unknowingly, are causing immense degradation to extremely fragile ecosystems. This project will focus on the closure and restoration of a spur road that is heavily eroding, braiding, and unraveling the native alpine flora. We will camp out Fri & Sat (unless you can only make it for one day) and enjoy amazing food veteran cooks.

We are excited to have the help and partnership of the Friends of Dillon Ranger District and the US Forest Service to accomplish this project. FRIDAY night arrival highly encouraged.

TO SIGN UP or get more info, Contact: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers at (303) 543-1411,
Visit our website at

New Clubroom Host

September 1, 2012

A Big thank you to Fred Chesney for being the Boulder CMC club room host. Your time and contributions are appreciated!

A warm welcome to Gracie Fellows! She is our new club room Host. If you interested in becoming a host, or are a new hosts, please contact her at with questions or concerns.


Boulder CMC Club Room Host
Marilyn “Gracie” Fellows