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Arestua Hut Workday – Volunteering Opportunity – Bring Chainsaws

August 3, 2012

There is an upcoming wood cutting day at the Arestua Hut on August 5th. Volunteers, please meet at Rollinsville Store at 8am. Then, carpool up via Yankee Doodle.

Please bring chainsaws if you have them.

For questions regarding this opportunity, please contact:
Mark Buchanan, Hutmiester
arestuahut at yahoo dot com

Hiking Wildfire Safety

August 3, 2012

HIKING WILDFIRE SAFETY, Contributed by Karen Baldwin

The following is an informational paper presented by Karen, to Wednesday Evening Social Hikes as well as the Hiking & Survival Essentials class. These tips and essential safety guidelines are very helpful; providing us with some extra tools in our toolkit should we be confronted with a wildfire. Thanks, Karen!

Follow the Rules. This is too often ignored, with tragic consequences. If an area is closed to camping or hiking, then change your plans. If there is a burn ban in effect, honor all its limitations. Don’t try to substitute your own judgment, and don’t intentionally or negligently put yourself (or others) in harm’s way.

Take Reasonable Precautions. Before you go hiking, camping, or backpacking in any area, check online or telephone-accessible resources to learn of any current risk conditions, which will include high levels of fire risk or wildfires already burning in the area. Before traveling into fire risk areas (even at merely moderate risk), take the time to look at a topo / terrain map and plan multiple escape options from the planned route. Be sure to use trailhead registers and stick to your route; this is critical in the event authorities need to find and evacuate you.

Look for Warning Signs. While on the trail, if you smell or see smoke during the day, or see a red-orange glow on the horizon at night, a fire is nearby. If you hear crackling or see sparks in the air, a wildfire could be less than a mile away and you may be at extreme risk. If you see red-tailed tanker planes flying low overhead, they may well be carrying fire-retardant or water loads for nearby firefighting. If you see even the smallest wildfire, do not underestimate its danger to you – a small fire becomes a large fire shockingly fast. (more…)

New Rock Climbing Clinics – Fall 2012

August 3, 2012

Introducing 2 New Climbing Clinics this Fall

The Boulder Group is pleased to announce that we’re offering 2 new climbing clinics this fall! The Top Roping Clinic and Sport Leading Clinics will provide a good transition for recent BRS grads into more safe climbing adventures and leading opportunities.

Chris Klotz is the Director of the Top Roping Clinic while Ron Olsen is the Director of the Sport Leading Clinic. Kudos to Chris, Ron, and the multitude of Instructors & Assistant Instructors in taking their time to provide such wonderful opportunities for Boulder CMC climbers! You Rock!

For more information, see Top Roping and Sport Leading. See Fall Schedule for all of the lecture and field trip dates and the sign-up procedure!