Volunteer Opportunity – Jefferson County Open Space Trailwork


Jefferson County Open Space needs our help on climbing access trails!

Did you know that mountain bikers have formed their own mini volunteer trail crew with Jefferson County Open Space to help work on multi-use trails in and around the Golden area? Jefferson County Open Space is now trying to expand this program to include the climbing community and begin much needed work on climbing access trails in the JeffCo Open Space system.

If you live and/or climb in the Golden area and you’re interested in helping out with this effort, please get involved. JeffCo officials ask that you attend a current Mini-Crew trail day to get a feel for trail work and the mini-crew concept.

They are also looking for people interested in becoming crew leaders who would be charged with organizing and leading trail work sessions as directed by Open Space Trails staff. Crew leaders would need to take part in a 1 -2 day training put on by Open Space as well as sign up as an Open Space volunteer.

Interested members of the climbing community should contact Mike Morin, Outdoor Recreation Management Coordinator at mmorin@jeffco.us or 303-271-5925.

Get involved and help protect climbing access!


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