July 2012 Chair Report


Roger Drake, Boulder Council Chair
Recently, I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to get out on several rock climbing trips with our group. Aside from great climbing, it’s given me a chance to connect with more of our members and trip leaders. I’m very thankful to all our trip leaders for giving of their time and energy to create opportunities for our members to enjoy the outdoors with like-minded folks. Thanks also to our Outings Committee for helping to facilitate these trips.

Our group runs on volunteer energy and commitment. Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the club, membership in which has been a life-changing experience for many of us. It’s a good way to meet new people within the club and have the satisfaction of having a positive impact on the club.

The Treasurer is one key position which we will need to fill for the coming year. Training is available for those who are willing to take on this important council-level position. You may contact our current treasurer, Dotty Pantalena, at treasurer@cmcboulder.org for more information.

We are also always looking for clubroom hosts. Contact Fred Chesney at clubroom@cmcboulder.org for details.

There are many more opportunities to contribute! If you are looking for a way to plug into the group, email me at chair@cmcboulder.org and I’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

As always, one way we can each contribute every day is to promote the club by actions as simple as putting a CMC bumper sticker on your car. We have them at the clubroom if you are interested. For more ways to spread the word, see my list below of other ideas which we can all do to promote the club which don’t cost anything.

I hope that you and your loved ones are all safe from the fires which are ravaging our state.

Warmest Regards to all,
Roger Drake
Chair, Boulder Group Council

1. Put a CMC bumper sticker on your car. We all receive these in our renewal package.
2. Put a bumper sticker on your helmet – I cut mine down to fit my helmet.
3. Put your bumper sticker on a water bottle or coffee mug. (We have some extra bumper stickers in the clubroom
4. Write an on-line review of a CMC press book.
5. Invite friends or co-workers on a CMC outing – use your guest passes from your renewal package.
6. Feature the CMC logo in your on-line e-mail signature.
7. Make online postings about your CMC experiences to your social media pages.
8. Use social media to promote the CMC (Facebook, Yelp!, Twitter)
9. Post to the CMC Facebook page.
10. Put out/post CMC brochures at your workplace, if appropriate.
11. Write articles promoting the CMC: these could be in work publications, newsletters for various organizations, as well as local newspapers.
12. Submit articles to the Compass about your experiences


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