Leadership Seminar for New and Existing Trip Leaders


Free Leadership Seminar, Thursday, June 7, 6-10pm

The Boulder Group’s Leadership Seminar is a requirement for Boulder Group CMC members who are interested in becoming new trip leaders. This seminar is designed for new leaders, but it can also be of great benefit for existing leaders who wish to enhance their leadership knowledge. BMS instructors and trip leaders who would like to renew their leadership skills are also welcome to attend.

For detailed information on all the steps to become a trip leader, please see:
Trip Leader Application

The Leadership Seminar is now a 2-step process:
1. Participate in a self-paced on-line training course and complete a workbook.
2. Upon completion of the on-line training and handing in the workbook, there is a one-night seminar on June 7.

The on-line training material can be found on the Boulder Group web­site at Leadership Seminar. You will need to complete the workbook and send it to the clubroom no later than May 25. You will not be allowed to participate in the Leadership seminar unless you have completed the on-line training.

Please sign up for the Leadership Seminar by logging into http://www.cmc.org, click on “Class Schedule”, then click on “Adult Education Members”, then click on the course link “06/07/2012 Boulder Group Leadership Seminar”.

For more details, please email Cindy Gagnon at safety@cmcboulder.org.


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