New Member Hike, North Table Mountain – 4/15/2012


NorthTable Mountain Buck
North Table Mountain Lollypop Hike
Welcome Hike for New CMC Members
Difficult A

Hike for new CMC members, but all folks are welcome to come, in support of MountainFest! Meet at 9am CMC Golden Headquarters. 5 minute drive to TH. Ascend the west side of N. Table Mountain, up an ever steepening trail leading to a notch.

To gain the top of N Table Mountain, hikers may need to use their hands to negotiate one short tricky section of trail. Other than this, the hike will be on gravel paths and service roads. Hike will meander to the east side, wrap around the north, then back uphill to the plateau, down through the notch, and back to the trailhead, making a big lollypop.

A windbreaker, trekking poles, and a hat are definitely helpful on this hike! We may see wildlife and wildflowers. On a clear day, hikers will be able to see Boulder, Golden, Denver, and the Front Range Foothills. For optional post-hike nourishment, trip may end the afternoon at Woody’s Pizza in Golden.

Map(s): USGS Golden Quad, Wildlife and Wildflower Viewing, Trails Illustrated, Golden, Boulder
Trail mileage: 6 miles
Elevation gain: 1000 feet
Driving distance: 0 miles
Meeting time: 9am
Leader: Clare E Reda
Email: fightgravity4evr at yahoo dot com
Home Phone: 303.329.7840


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