Doudy Draw Trail Run – St. Patrick’s Day, Bring Your Green!


On Saturday, March 17 at 9:30am, join Leader Clare Reda and Co-leader Doug Yohn in a trail run! Bring your green and start St. Patrick’s Day off with some exercise!

Pace: Moderate
Status: Confirmed

Description: Will either run the Flatirons Vista North/South Loop (7.2 miles) or Spring Brook North/South Loop (6.8 miles). May extend or cut mileage depending upon energy, time, and weather. Start with active stretching and end with a potluck snackfest. All abilities welcome. If there’s bad weather or trail conditions, we will hike instead. Trail head parking lot on the south side of Eldorado Springs Drive. Meet at 9:30am. No runner left behind.

Trail head is maintained by OSMP, so if you don’t have Boulder County plates, please ensure you have a parking permit or pay the fee. They ticket non-compliant drivers.

Trail mileage: 6 to 8 miles depending upon group energy levels, weather, and trail conditions.

Contact Clare at: fightgravity4evr at
Phone Number: 303.329.7840

St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration
or Pog my What?
—By Doug Yohn
Seventeen years ago, when I was feeling some trepidation about turning forty, I posted photographs of two forty-somethings on my fridge: Steve Hong, who was winning climbing competitions against climbers barely half his age, and Eamonn Coghlan, who remains the only quadragenarian to have run a sub-four minute mile. At the time I was doing more running than climbing, so I often glanced at Coghlan’s image before I headed out the door.

In anticipation of our upcoming St. Patrick’s Day trail run, the serious competitor might draw inspiration from the many accomplishments of Irish runners like “Chairman of the Boards” Coghlan or Sonia O’Sullivan, “Ireland’s most crowned sportswoman,” or Ronnie Delaney, who became the four-minute miler club’s seventh member only two years after Bannister broke that barrier. Other trail runners may be motivated by setting and achieving personal goals, by the chance to bound along near the base of our beautiful Flatirons, or by the opportunity to make new friends. I’m sure you can think of more.

But there is one reason for us to put on our running shoes on March 17th that you might not have heard about. You may become skeptical about this, but please hear me out. I found the following article in a local weekly:

New Specie Discovered on Local Trails

City of Boulder rangers are in the process of piecing together clues after recent reports of strange looking mammals scampering about on nearby trails. “These animals have been described as bipedal with distinctive green markings,” said one ranger who wished to remain anonymous. “These creatures are reported to be small enough to sit on one’s shoulder. They are apparently quite elusive yet, instead of venturing off trail, they seem to demonstrate impeccable trail etiquette. They reportedly stay on trail even in muddy conditions. And they seem to strictly adhere to Leave No Trace principles, hence the difficulty in following their movements to learn more about them.”

A newly formed group of trail runners from the Colorado Mountain Club has begun jogging area trails in hopes of spotting one of these elf-like creatures. “They head out every Saturday morning, their eyes and ears more attuned to their surroundings than to their heart rate monitors. Most are simply trying to help us gather evidence in addition to getting a good workout. But a few, fueled by rumors, have succumbed to a delusional fantasy about a pot of gold!,” the ranger reported.

Delusional fantasy? They can pog mo thoin! (Irish Gaelic for “kiss my …!”) I’m going for it! I’ve got two kids headed for college in a few years and who knows what tuition will cost by then. Are you with me? (Wait a minute. That means I’ll have to share. We’ll talk about that later.)

To join these runners in their quest this coming St. Patrick’s Day, contact Clare at or Doug at And don’t forget to wear some green! (If you wear the most, you’ll win a prize. But stay away from my gold!)


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