Meet the New Trip Leader – Paul Raab


Paul on Apache Peak, 13,441 ft, Indian Peaks Wilderness

The Outings Committee would like to introduce new trip leader, Paul Raab. Paul recently became an A/B Hiking Leader. We congratulate him on this accomplishment and for his volunteering spirit.

Paul joined the CMC in 2007, together with his wife, Sue. They relocated to Boulder from Chicago in 2006. Paul was looking for ways to learn about and enjoy Colorado’s mountain environment. The CMC has helped Paul learn how to experience the mountains safely and responsibly, while meeting fun and interesting people who also enjoy the outdoors.

Paul hiked his first fourteener, Mount Bierstadt, with the CMC in 2007. Since then, he has enjoyed hikes, climbs, and snowshoes ranging from A/B trips to more challenging C/D-E trips like Longs Peak and Mount Meeker, via the Loft Route, and Spearhead in Rocky Mountain National Park. He has hiked and snowshoed with a variety of different groups: Denver, Pikes Peak, Shining Mountains, Longs Peak, as well as the Boulder Group. He has completed several classes through the CMC, including: Map and Compass, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR. He plans to take more.

Paul has been a member of the CMC State Board of Directors since 2009 and currently serves on the Executive Committee. He is a member-at-large of the CMC Boulder Group Council and chairs the State’s Membership Development Task Force. He has helped with various marketing and membership tasks at the State and Boulder Group levels. He even had the pleasure of arranging the very popular speaker, Howard Snyder, at the Boulder Group Annual Dinner in 2010. Howard is a Boulder native who was the leader of the controversial 1967 Colorado McKinley Expedition.

With regard to outdoor interests, Paul finds the Indian Peaks particularly appealing. Either with the CMC, with friends, or solo, he has been to the top of all of the most prominent eastern peaks, except Navajo, in some cases more than once and by different or more challenging routes. Navajo is next on Paul’s tick list. He also plans to go farther west and explore Indian Peaks that are off the beaten path. As a trip leader, Paul hopes to help more CMC members enjoy and appreciate this spectacular mountain area that is right in our Boulder backyard.

Paul also participates in Front Range running events, at distances from 5K to half-marathons. He sometimes runs individually and sometimes runs as part of a relay team with “youngsters” from his office. The first time he ran at altitude in Estes Park, he was easily beaten across the finish line by a young Mennonite girl who ran the race in colorful running shoes and a long dress!

Professionally, Paul works as the senior VP and partner at Linhart Public Relations. His firm is a national PR and digital communications company based in Denver. Clients include Southwest Airlines, Crocs, Chipotle, Comcast, United Healthcare, FirstBank, and White Wave Foods, among others.

Some of Paul’s other interests include horses and independent film. Paul and his wife own and care for three horses. These horses include a 26 year-old Arabian gelding, which showed competitively when they lived in the Chicago area; a 12 year-old Arabian mare, a possible future show horse; and a four year-old American Paint mare. They also lease an American Quarterhorse gelding who is great for trail rides.

Paul and his wife enjoy supporting the Boulder International Film Festival, a celebration of independent film taking place each year over President’s Day weekend. As a volunteer, he introduces films and moderates Q&A sessions with documentary filmmakers.

Paul’s passion for the mountains, which eventually led him to Colorado and the life he now enjoys, began around 1972, at age 14. At this young age, he borrowed a copy of Chris Bonington’s Annapurna South Face from the public library in the rural central Pennsylvania town where his family lived. He then proceeded to read his way through the classics of mountaineering literature. Although he currently has no ambition to go on Himalayan expeditions (he applauds the CMC members who have done so), the more modest challenges he has enjoyed were originally sparked by reading about the achievements of climbing pioneers like Bonington, Herzog, Harrer, Messner, and others.


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