BRS class of Spring 2014 graduates 11 students!

June 17, 2014 by

The spring season of the Basic Rock School came to a successful close on the weekend of May 17, with the graduation climbs of the instructor groups led by senior instructors Eileen Monyok and Andy Cooke, with their assistants. A total of ten students graduated, although 12 students originally signed up, but two had to drop out. All students made it through the three field trips, where some had some close calls with precipitation rolling in during the afternoon. Thankfully, no epics were reported — which is always a relief the school director!

The following students graduated:

Alan Youngblood
Anhchi Ly
Bridget Sorrell
Conner Ford
Duane Lovato
Marcos Ripoll-Bunn
Norm Sydow
Pieter Bork
Scott Johnson
Van Smith

The senior instructors were ably assisted by the following assistants:

Aaron Nichols
Don Byington
Francesco Sangiori
James Hicks

On Belay Tower and Knot Test day, the following assistants helped out:

Brenda Leach
Jon Bork
Matthew Holiday
Vita Holiday

And there was an 11th student, Jen Stichman, who was the first person to graduate from BRS via the Test Out Option.

The BRS Test Out Option is an innovation I developed, with the Boulder Mountain School committee, as a way for experienced climbers to pass BRS without having to pay for the course, or spend time reviewing skills they already have. Jen, a climber who can lead 5.10, was certainly in that category, and passed the in-person field tests easily. More information  about the Test Out Option can be viewed on the Boulder CMC website at

Thanks to everyone who helped out! Congratulations to all the students, who now know how to climb safe and can share this knowledge with their future climbing partners. Climb safe everybody! A small sample of photos from spring BRS can be seen here.

We were hacked!

June 17, 2014 by

by Rick Casey

The website has come of age: we got hacked!

On March 14, 2014, I pulled up the website, but here’s what I saw on the homepage:

….A Hot Mess….

Fearing the worst, I immediately went to our ISP, and filed a report, hoping for help, and copying our webmaster, Wayne Densmore. I thought, OMG, our entire website has been taken over by some foreign hacker who now controls the entire site! Surely my ISP was going to help me?

However, better help came from Wayne Densmore, our webmaster. Within 45 minutes of receiving my email, he had fixed the problem, and was busy plugging holes where the attack could have come from. Turns out only our homepage was affected, which he quickly restored from backup. Our theory is that the hacker exploited a submission form that was not protected by a password. All of those are now protected by passwords, and all the important passwords on the website have been changed.

Whew! that was a close one….thanks for the help, Wayne!

Boulder Mountaineering School, Basic Rock School – Spring Slots Available

March 28, 2014 by

The Spring Session of BMS will be starting soon and there are still open slots! If you are interested, or know a friend who is, please go to:Spring Schedule for more information.

In particular, Basic Rock Climbing School has open spaces. We would love to show you the ropes! With a low student to teacher ratio and three field trips, it’s a great value! Whether you are “getting back into it” after a hiatus, preparing for a summer trip to Estes Park, or want to later sign up for the Rock Lead school, this class will give you the fundamentals for climbing safely.

Hiking and Rock Lead School also have open slots, so now is the time to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities!

Boulder Group and Trailblazers Trips

February 4, 2014 by

Upcoming Boulder Group Trips

Sunday, 2/9/2014, Long Lake Ski Tour – Indian Peaks Wilderness Area Blue Downhill and Moderate Pace

Starting and finishing on the CMC South Trails, we will take a mix of trails to and from Long Lake possibly breaking trail when going around the lake. Sign up at the State CMC site.

Leader: Christopher Marotta Type: Ski, Trail mileage: 9, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 900

Wednesday, 2/12/2014, Wednesday Evening Endeavors (WEE) Social Event

Every 2nd Wednesday of the three cooler seasons, we’ll decide on some appropriate weather event once gathered at the Boulder Group Clubroom (behind Neptune) whether it’s a hike, snowshoe, bar, restaurant, or movie.  Don’t call, just show 10 or so minutes before 6:00 (or 5:30 if we so decide in the future) p.m.  Be prepared for any weather with good footwear, water, rain jacket, flashlight, a snack, and/or money.   Let’s be imaginative with the “endeavor” part of the WEE events!

Leader: Marilyn Fellows Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 3, Pace: Casual, Elevation Gain: 250

Sunday, 2/22/2014, St. Vrain Mountain Snowshoe w/Optional Ski Descent – Moderate Pace

Saint Vrain Mountain is about 3 miles southwest of Allenspark, which is off the Peak to Peak highway, about 6 miles south of the Longs Peak Ranger Station, or about 4 miles north of the intersection of Hi 7 (from Lyons) and Hi 72 (to Nederland)

Come join us for this moderate and accessible hike/snowshoe/ski tour in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. With a roundtrip distance of about 8.6 miles, and elevation gain of about 3,200 feet, this will be more than a beginner’s hike, but not too strenous for a reasonably fit person. You will need to have either snowshoes or skis (or both! Nice to have options…) Be prepared for winter conditions, with extra clothes, hand warmers (if you need them), hot drinks, and adequate food. Sign up at the State CMC site.

Leader: Rick Casey Co-Leader: Clare Reda Type: Snowshoe with Optional Ski Descent, Trail mileage: ~7, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: ~3600 ft

Upcoming Trailblazer Trips

FEBRUARY 8, 2014 (6pm), Tacos/Happy Hour at Pinche Taqueria, 1514 York St., Denver. RSVP to Christein Leiper using chleiper at aol dot com.

FEBRUARY 9, 2014, Heart Lake Snowshoe, Trail Mileage: 9 miles, Elevation Gain: 2700 ft. Led by Chris Bartle. Sign up at the CMC State site.

FEBRUARY 16, 2014, Atlantic Peak - West Ridge, Trail Mileage: 6 miles, Elevation Gain: 3000 ft. Led by Erin Thompson. Sign up at the CMC State Site.

FEBRUARY 22, 2014, Grizzly Peak, Loveland Pass, Led by Josh Armstrong. Sign up at the CMC State Site.

MARCH 1, 2014, Lair O’ the Bear Park, Leader picks trails. Trail Mileage: 6-8 Miles, Led by Nathan Neff. Contact at Nathanneff45 at gmail dot com.


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